Friday, April 27, 2012

More Hot Rod Carburetors I've Built Recently

3X2 Adapter for a Four Barrel Carburetor
Rochester 2G Carburetors on a Tri Power
Holley 94's on a Four Barrel Adapter
SBF 2x2 system with Rochester 2G Carburetors
SBC 4X2 with Holley 94's on a Weiand Intake
2x2 Buick Nailhead
Nailhead Intake with Stromberg WW
Cross Intake with 6 Rochester 2G
Eric 4x2
Dean Basset's 4X2's
Chevy I6 w-97's and lottsa swag
3X2 Holley 94's
Andy's 6x2 for 348
6x2 on SBC Eddy
4x2 on 337 flatty intake
4x2 & factory color
3x2 's and snow pix
2x2 on 6cyl
2x2 custom build

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Stromberg 97 Carburetor

Two Stromberg 97 Carburetors
The Stromberg 97 is the Hot Rod
Carb of choice- and probably the most famous carburetor ever made.  Hot Rodders for years have favored the Stromberg 97.   Through the 50's and 60's, and even early into the 70's they were plentiful, cheap, and easy to build into multi-carburetor systems for virtually any motor.  You couldn't call it a hot rod unless it had more than one carb with chrome bonnets- and Strombergs were the king of carburetors.  The reason so many hot rodders have stuck with the Stromberg 97 might just be tradition.  It might also be the "cool" factor.  But the Stromberg 97 despite it's slightly lower CFM rates has one trick up it's sleeve.  It has a mechanical  by pass circuit that is unaffected by a low vacuum signal.  You can use 2 to 3 carburetors, even up to 8 carburetors and not worry about tweaking the carburetor itself to avoid flooding, or creating a rich condition under full throttle (like Holley 94).

The Stromberg 97 packs a punch for a two barrel carburetor.  It flows 150 to 160 CFM (results vary between the Stromberg 48 and the 97's- and almost always flow relatively close to each other- with the 48 barely leading at 175 CFM).  Which, by the way, is why 4 Strombergs work great with a 350 Chevy. 

Hemi 6x2 with Stromberg 97 Carburetors
Because they are so popular it's getting harder and harder to find good rebuild-able cores.  20 years ago they were still available and you could find good deals.  Now, don't be surprised to pay around $50 on the low end just for the core, sometimes much more than that (Solid cores can sell for over $100!)  Factor in another $200 to have it professionally rebuilt.  For you DIY's we sell everything you need to rebuild it on your own.

Whatever your reasons for choosing Stromberg Carburetors give us a call to see if we can help you find parts, rebuild-able cores, or help you put together your custom carburetor set up with the genuine Stromberg 97 Carburetor!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A few more carbie units I have been working on

ABOVE:  Rare Almquist slingshot adapter.  There original chrome early Stromberg's (It's ol' school chrome from the 50's- so you know it will last another lifetime).  You can bolt this unit to either a single two barrel intake, or a four barrel intake.   This unit is for sale.  Contact Dick to work out a price.

ABOVE:  This is a six two barrel unit, Offenhauser intake for a 409 Chevy, with Holley 94 carburetors.  It has a progressive linkage custom made by Dick himself  (NO CHINESE CRAP HERE).  The fuel rail is a smooth chrome polished unit that matches the chrome scoops, and the chrome oil cap.  This was made for a customer in North Carolina.

BELOW:  This an extremely rare Edmunds intake for a Lincoln Flathead.  It is about 3-4 inches wider, and at least 6 inches longer than it's Ford counterpart.  This 2x2 Edmunds intake was built for a customer in Germany.  It uses two slingshot adapters with 4 Holley 94's.  The progressive linkage with this unit was also custom built by Dick himself.  Dick has enough experience to handle the intricacies of a tricky linkage like this unit required.  The customer specifically asked that nothing shine- the gloss has been removed from the regulator and the fuel gauge.  And for the real hot rodders, copper was used for fuel lines back in the day- so that's what the customer opted for.  This unit has turned out quit nicely. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

This little guy has been busy

                         2 Rochester 2G carbies mounted to a 4 barrel adapter.  Simple but effective
                            Holley 94's atop a slingshot side by side 2 barrel adapter
                               3 stromberg 97's mounted to an Offenhauser intake for a SBC
                  A uniques and simple approach to multiple carbies using an Offenhauser 2x4 hi rise intake
                   with adapters to mount 2 Rochester 2G carbies complete with progressive linkage.
    A very interesting unit comprised of a late model SBF fuel injection intake base coupled with a fabricated plenum box to mount 3 Holley 94's, progressive linkage, and finned fuel log.  All done in a "stealth" flat finish mode.
                       A big block Mopar intake carrying 3 Rochester 2G carbies and tall filter units
                           Here is a different type of setup.  A Fenton I6 Chevy intake with a pair of  2 barrels attached.

I haven't paid much attention to my blog for a while as I have3 been busy doing lots of carbies.  I would like to share with everyone some of the things I have created in the last few months.  I must say there is quite a variety of different units as you will see.  The last picture is of the new toy I treated myself to, as if I didn't have enought to keep me busy.  This supercharged Desoto Hemi will be a fun ride when I get it on the road.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New SBC tri power

Here is my most recent build, not only to showcase my "spiral ribbed" products, but also to provide it for sale.  This is a Rochester 2G carbed unit, consisting of a new Edelbrock intake, as a base for 3 configured 2G carbies to run in a progression with the custom fabricated linkage.  Also, "spiral ribbed"  eye candy fuel rail, air cleaners, top nuts, oil fill tube, and breather cap have been added.  This unit is fuel ready and complete with chrome thermostat housing, covering a new Stant thermostat and a new chrome distributor hold down with gasket.  If this or something similar is of interest to you please let me know and we can work out a creation to suit you needs and taste.

Monday, March 28, 2011

We've launched our new website!!!

Well kids, we've finally launched our new website.  Check it out over at  Give me a call if you'd like to purchase a new set of hot rod carbs, or some eye candy for your engine.