Friday, April 27, 2012

More Hot Rod Carburetors I've Built Recently

3X2 Adapter for a Four Barrel Carburetor
Rochester 2G Carburetors on a Tri Power
Holley 94's on a Four Barrel Adapter
SBF 2x2 system with Rochester 2G Carburetors
SBC 4X2 with Holley 94's on a Weiand Intake
2x2 Buick Nailhead
Nailhead Intake with Stromberg WW
Cross Intake with 6 Rochester 2G
Eric 4x2
Dean Basset's 4X2's
Chevy I6 w-97's and lottsa swag
3X2 Holley 94's
Andy's 6x2 for 348
6x2 on SBC Eddy
4x2 on 337 flatty intake
4x2 & factory color
3x2 's and snow pix
2x2 on 6cyl
2x2 custom build